Monday, 20 December 2010

Film Opening - The Briefs

We have now been given a choice of briefs for our next task; a two minute opening to our own film. Once we have been put into our groups we need to choose one of them to focus on, following the codes and conventions of each genre. This is the choice:

Film Brief 1
A mainstream action film that will appeal to 15-25yr old males. Your film should appear to be based on a "fictional" comic book(Opening to Dark Knight, Kick Ass, Sin City etc)

Film Brief 2
A supernatural thriller that will appeal to female audiences. Your film should appear to be an international co-production
(Opening to The Others, Gothika, Shelter etc)

Film Brief 3
An independent movie featuring a young protagonist. Your film should appear to be financed through regional funding
(Opening to Fish Tank, This Is England etc)

Film Brief 4
art house feature to appeal to adult audiences. Your film should appear to be based on an actual event in the last 2 years.
(Opening to Elephant, Milk, Che etc)

When I first read all of the briefs, the first one that caught my eye was brief 2; the supernatural thriller. This is because I love watching films that fit that description. I then realised that most people often go for the thriller genre, so looked back over the other briefs. 

The next I looked into was brief 1, surprisingly it really appealed to me! I really liked the idea of bringing a graphic novel character to life, although it did sound really challenging.

The only one that didn't appeal to me was brief 3, although I'm not sure why. I think it's because it didn't seem like much of a challenge because it was such a broad area.

Finally, I looked at brief 4. I must admit that I had to do a lot of research into the genre because I wasn't at all familiar with it. I managed to watch 'Elephant', the film that is based on the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. I especially looked at the editing and types of shots they used.

So overall, my favourite films briefs are brief 1 and brief 2. Although, this may change when we have all been put into our groups.