Sunday, 24 April 2011

Audience Feedback

Once our film was finished we wanted to get some audience feedback, so I posted the video on my Facebook page:

The feedback was all really helpful. We got feedback from four adults, who were obviously our target audience, and a few people our age too! Overall it was really positive!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Editing and Effects

Once we had all of our filming done we were able to finish editing all of our clips together and adding visual effects, music and sound effects.

With the new clips we were able to have a lot more cuts and the angles looked so much more interesting than before. Overall the flashbacks were a lot more exciting to watch, even without the help of music or effects. One problem we came accross was the different lighting of some of the clips, where we had re-filmed some of them. We overcame this problem by changing the clouring and contrast of clips so that they matche one another. Also, for all of the flashback clips we used a setting called 'Old World' which made them look grainy and old, an effect we were really please with.



Once all the editing and transitions were in, we also added in the music. Actually seeing the footage with the music over the top made it so much more interesting to watch! Lastly, we added all of the titles, in our chosen fonts. We found it difficult to put them in the right places and to get them to stay on the screen for the right amount of time. Finally we were really happy with the result!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Inspiration for Our Opening Titles

We wanted to do some research on current opining titles, to inspire ours. Originally we wanted the titles to appear either at the beginning or the end of our opening scene, but after some research we had a better idea.

Whilst looking at The Art of the Title we came accross the end credits for Sherlock Holmes. We really liked the effects of the sketchy looking clips and the way the footage went with the music playing over the top.

We also came accross some of the previous ideas for the end sequence which we liked as well. It linked to one of our original opening credits ideas of scanning across a floor plan for the cellar.
After seeing these we decided that we wanted effects to distinguish the flashbacks from the present day and motivated us to look for some music for our own opening.

When we began looking for music, we had to make sure it was royalty free, so we started by looking at royalty free music websites. We found a few piano pieces which sounded really good, but all disagreed on which we should ultimately use. Finally we decided on a piece of music we all thought would fit well with our opening. Although, we wanted it to sound a lot more sinister, so we added another piece of audio over the top, which sounds like low drones.

Piano piece:  CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF WINTER piano solo MP3

Second audio layer:

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finalising Our Filming

Alex rejoined us to finish all of our filming, with all the extra shots. We were able to bring Amber back for more shooting, as we wanted more shots and interesting angles in the scene when Fritzl touches Young Elisabeth's shoulder. We used a POV shot from 'Fritzl's' point of view. Alex did this by holding the camera close to her arm, just above her hand and she moved in to touch Amber's shoulder. When we played this shot back we found it really effective! We also took some close-ups of Amber's face as Elisabeth's reaction to Josef.

Another scene we re-shot was the 'Sleepover scene' with Teenage Elisabeth. The first shot was much too slow paced, so we added some close-ups and extreme close-ups of my hands, to show my discomfort. When we put these shots toegther it looked so much more effective.

Once we had all of our shots we began to edit them together using iMovie, as two of us have previous experience using it and we are more confident using this than Premiere Pro.