Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Once we had finished all of our filming we captured all of our footage onto the computer. We then began using Adobe Premier Pro to edit our footage. As our group was quite large we decided to take it in turns to edit the footage whilst the other members gave advice and opinions.

One of the most difficult parts we found to edit was the match on action sequence as we had to edit the two clips and exactly the right points before joining them together. We also had a few technical difficulties with the software and computer playing up. Each time we inserted a new clip or edited an existing one, another would delete itself. So each time we edited something we spent time trying to recover the other clip. This proved incredibly time consuming and very stressful. Eventually we had to work around this by re-editing our clips and putting them back into the sequence.

Although I had never used Premier Pro before, I found it quite simple to use. I learnt different editing techniques and how to insert titles and transitions into the clips. We were pleased with our final product considering how much time we had to film and edit it with all of the changes that we had to make. I think that it would have been a lot more interesting with our final plot incorporated and with more time the editing could have been smoother, but overall I am happy with the result.

Here it is!


We began filming each shot of our story board. To begin we needed to film in various corridors in the school. This posed a problem as - even though we were filming during lessons - there was still a large number of people walking through the halls coming into shot and making a lot of noise. This problem was unavoidable, so it just meant that we had to take a few shots and just hope that no one would need to walk through!

Most of the shots were filmed using a tripod. This eliminated the classic shakes of a hand-held camera. It also allowed us to tilt the camera and turn it smoothly and at a constant speed. This was great for our tracking shots.

To film the conversation shots we needed to find a room which wasn't in use. We eventually found an empty class room - though as we began filming the bell rang and outside the window it all became very busy with younger pupils. We had to wait for a few minutes for it to quieten down outside in order to film the conversation.

We constantly referred to our storyboards to make sure our shots were correct and that we were using the right camera movements. Of course the storyboards were not 100% accurate as they were not drawn from actual sets so we had to change each set slightly from the storyboard depiction.

I think we did really well to shoot what we needed to in such a short amount of time. We tried to film at least two different takes of each shots so that when it came to editing we could choose the better of the two depending on not only the visual but also the audio of the clip. As we filmed the whole thing in one session we didn't have many problems with clothing continuity but we had to make sure that our hair was in the same position in each shot etc.

We worked well as a team, although we all found it quite confusing as we were not as well prepared as we could have been because of the changes we had to make to our plot and storyboards. This meant that we were not as efficient about the shooting of the film as we were in a rush.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Alex walks to locker, opens it, then receiving a text message, he takes the phone out of his pocket, read the message and puts it back into his pocket. He then walks through a door and down a corridor to meet Alice.
Arrives at door, looks through then opens it and walks into the room, where Alice is waiting.
Alex: …you wanted to talk?

Alice: Well…It’s just that

Alex: Well…

Alice: Shall we see 'Back to the Future' or 'Buried' tonight?

Alex: I don’t care… 'Back to the Future'?

Alice: 'Buried' it is!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Changes to Preliminary Task

We began to film the first few shots for our preliminary task and we were were all happy with our roles within the group and comfortable using the equipment. The next time we came to film one of our group (the main character) was away. We were stuck becuase we needed two males as the main parts and we only had one. We also couldn't use someone from outside our group as they were all otherwise engaged.

Eventually - as we were on a tight schedule - as a group we decided to change our Preliminary Task to something we could film more easily and with the actors we had. This meant that our new plot was a lot more basic. This was a shame as we were all happy with our plot and shots.

We put together a storyboard and a basic script, but a lot was improvised during the actual filming.

We also decided that the new characters would be played by Alex, as the boyfriend and myself as the girlfriend. 

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Preliminary Task Pre-Production

For our Preliminary Excercise we were asked to film and edit a short film showing examples of shot types and techniques. These were:
  • Shot/reverse shot
  • 180˚
  • Match on action
The first thing we had to do was come up with a basic story line. In a group we put forward ideas for a short story before writing a script and drawing up a storyboard.

We came up with the idea that a character gets a text from his 'lady friend' asking him to meet her for the first time. He excitedly goes to find her, is pointed in the right direction by a few people and looks throught the door of a room. She is looking out of the window and has her back to him. He enters and she begins to turn around but the camera cuts to a close-up of his face before we can see 'her'. We see his reaction as they exchange a few lines but then she introduces herself as "Sammy" the woman he has been texting. He runs out of the room. Then a pan shot from "Sammy's" feet to her face shows that she is, in fact, a he! We see her drop a rose she was holding and match on action shows it dropping to the floor.

We thought this story line was really original and interesting - as it a had a comedy twist on it.

We came up with a simple script and I was given the task of drawing the storyboard, which I was confident with becasue I have done a lot of art in the past.